Who exactly is Silly Goose Software?

Silly Goose Software is basically one person who seems to have an almost endless flow of app ideas.  Sometimes those ideas spill over into the real, physical world.  ( Such as my design for a newer, safer, better, more reliable ventilator. )  That person is me.  I try to create unique and practical apps.  Some folks might debate the degree of practicality of some of my apps.  Lol.  That is perfectly fine.  Before I even start to create an app, I perform due diligence to determine if there are any similar apps in Apple's App Store.  If a similar app exists, I try to find a way to add capabilities to my app to make it stand above the competition.  Most of my apps are based on images.  None of my apps contain the usual Brightness, Contrast, White Balance, etc... adjustments.  Many people seem to have their preferred method of fine tuning those settings.  So why reinvent the wheel?

Along the journey of creating apps, I inadvertently created new technology.  "How good can this technology be if just one person created it?!?!"  Fair question.  Ask Henry Ford.  Because of one person, Nikola Tesla, the AC current is distributed around the world instead of DC current.  Grace Hopper was one person.  Some of the technology I created could be used in Photoshop; security; preventing domestic and child abuse; and allowing the visually handicapped to do something they could never do before.  All these inventions need patents.  Patents are expen$ive.

None of my apps collect any information.  There are no data analytics associated with any of my apps.  There is no advertising in any of my apps.  There are no In-App Purchases in any of my apps.  This is because, in my opinion, Apple In-App Purchases are not yet mature.  Too many apps require manually restoring an In-App Purchase after installing the app on a new device.  That is nonsense and contributes to a negative user experience.  I am about positive user experiences.  The iOS device should do the work for us.  This explains our Theme Chooser.  Once a single app of mine ( excluding Living Clock and Clipboard Securer ) is installed, a theme can be selected from that app.  Just tap the 🍁 .   Easy.  Now the nice part... once a theme is set in that app, any of our apps ( excluding Living Clock and Clipboard Securer ) installed on that same device, will automatically pick up that same theme and use it.  This eliminates the need to set the theme in all of our apps on one device.  Please note: the theme settings are NOT shared through iCloud.  This allows a parent to buy an app and have their children install the same app under the same Apple account... and each have their own theme settings.

I am genuinely thankful for the purchase of each app.  ( I have a fiancé and two adopted sons to support. )  Yes, my goal is to make money from my apps.  There are tactics I refuse to indulge in to make money.  I refuse to put ads in my apps or track every little thing a user does in my apps or track personally identifiable information ( PII ) or track a user's social media activity.  I have an app in progress that depends on Facebook.  That app only uses the user's unique FB ID and the unique ID of their friends... only when a friend messages them.  After receiving a message, my app gets the friends name from FB and displays it.  That is it.  No tracking.  No additional information.  It is a simple app that fills in a glaring omission in Facebook Messenger.  The beta testers said they buy it as soon as it is available.  However, as of this writing, Facebook still has not enabled my developer account.  They seem to have stopped signing up new developers due to COVID.