Living Clock

Polygon Pics

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Create an image with the original metadata displayed on the image.  Great for learning about metadata.  Pick and choose what metadata gets displayed.

Spiral Images

Text Grid Checker

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Used to highlight part of an image.  Just like in retro advertising.  Adjust triangle quantity, colors, transparency, blending, overlap, randomness, etc...

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This app protects the clipboard contents.  Is that even needed?  Yes!  How does it protect the clipboard?  By copying user specified text and/or emojis to the clip clipboard.  Simple & effective.  Is this security app easy to use?  Yes!  After a paste, just open the app and click on the Big Red Button.  That's it.

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Used to place promotional text on an image.  Choose the font, size, colors, style, position and plenty of other options.  Easy and powerful.

Easily create contemporary wall art images.  Change an image for the wall ( or use one of the included wall images ) and choose a foreground image.  Then choose a style and the number of "slices" or segments.  Choose a frame color or no color.  Adjust the shadow settings.  Plenty of creative choices!

Colorful Curvy Frames was created simply to place digital photos inside traditional frames.  It even includes a built-in palette of different shades of wood.  Then we added colors as an option.  Then we added the option of spikes that point towards the center 

Photo Weaver

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Promo Text  ( only for iPad and iPad Pro )

Protect My Pics

Wall Art Builder

Create standard triptychs or create custom sliced images.  Background can be color or transparent.  Save up to 10 images per sequence.  Each sequence can consist or solo or incremental images.

String Art Photo Frames

Add an artistic flair to any image be using rectangles, rounded rectangles or ellipses.  Also supports inverse shapes with an optional color layer.  Plenty of creative options!

Weave two images together.  Created to answer the question: "What would it look like to weave two images together?"   More novelty than practical app.

Image Metadata Explorer

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Artistic Rectangles

Protect photos by placing random rectangles, squares, triangles or circles on an image.  Adjust the percentage of the image covered, shape color, size & opacity, preserve a selected part of the image.

Frame any image or highlight any part of image by using colorful, concentric polygons.  Choose the number of sides, layer and colors.  Plenty of options.

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Choose an image.  It will start in the "back" and be brought "forward"... while rotating and changing size.  Definitely creates eye-catching images.

Used to frame any photo with vintage string art.  Choose from many built-in styles and palettes.  The color and style of each "main point" can be adjusted.  The image size and angle can also be fine tuned. 

Purchased advertising?   Need to make sure the resulting image meets logo and or text area requirements?  Just load an image and tap.  Grid accuracy is 10x10 or 20x20.  Save the resulting image as proof to share with others.

Colorful Gray

Imagine each dot on a clock display is a living cell.  The dots move every time the minute changes.  Each dot moves to a new location to display the new time.  Have the dots move at their own speed or synchronized.  Very relaxing to watch.  Adjust the speed of the dots.  Use any wallpaper.  Over 100 custom fonts to choose from.  ( Depending on screen size )

Colorful Gray was created to draw attention to part of an image by using color or shades of gray.  We added a bit to it since the original version

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Colorful Curvy Frames

Point to It

Clipboard Securer

Triptych Builder

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