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Image Metadata Explorer was created because, to the best of my knowledge, there is no other app that does what it does.  Well then... what does it do?  Great question!

Image Metadata Explorer lets the user choose what part of an image's metadata to save on the image.   Yes... the app can export the original image with selected metadata info right on the image!  There are plenty of good apps that show an image's hidden metadata, but no other app that writes the info on the image.  This app was originally intended for photographers who want to share tips and help aspiring photographers.  Everyone else can use it just to see the information.

This app also includes our proprietary Cropper Tool and Theme Chooser.  Our Theme Chooser goes beyond Light and Dark modes.  The Theme Chooser has over 100 gradient backgrounds to choose from, and 8 different angles for the background.  Foreground text and controls can be 1 of 12 colors.  Let's check that out:  100+ gradients x 8 angles x 12 foreground color choices = over 9,600 possible combinations to choose from.  Hmm... Light or Dark mode or over 9,600 choices.  Another thing that makes our Theme Chooser stand out: choose a theme once in one of our apps, and all of our over apps will use that same exact theme without having to chooser it for every app.  ( The only 2 exceptions are our Clipboard Securer and Living Clock apps. )

Image Metadata Explorer