Living Clock was created for two reasons: to have an app that is the opposite of an alarm clock and "What would it look like if each dot on the clock display moved on it's own when the time changes?"

We went out of our way to make this app intuitive and easy to use.  Tap anywhere and the control panel pops up.


  • The speed of the dots
  • The hours, center and minutes dots can be their own colors... or emojis.
  • The clock display can be positioned anywhere on the screen.
  • The dots are synchronized or each dot moves at it own relative speed
  • Dozen of handcrafted fonts to choose from ( Depending on the iOS device of course )
  • Choose any image for the background or choose from one of the images packaged with the app.

We genuinely appreciate every purchase and do our best to make our apps worthwhile.

Living Clock

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